Validating windows media player 11

WGA consists of two components: an installable component called WGA Notifications that hooks into Winlogon and validates the Windows license upon each logon and an Active X control that checks the validity of the Windows license when downloading certain updates from the Microsoft Download Center or Windows Update.

WGA Notifications covers Windows XP and later, with the exception of Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Professional x64 Edition.

There are definitely plenty of players with more features and support for more formats out there, but even so, Windows Media Player 11 plays its role perfectly, presenting no complications for the user.

It's the perfect option for people who just want to watch their videos and listen to their music in peace!

Honnêtement, je n'en avais pas parlé car je pensais que les gens utilisaient Winamp ou Foobar pour leur musique et Media Player Classic pour leurs films...(humour) Donc, voici comment installer Windows Media Player 11 sans s'embêter avec la verification WGA1) Téléchargez WMP 11 2) Faites un clic droit sur le programme d'install de WMP11 et extrayez le avec Winrar dans un repertoire temporaire.

3) Ensuite, téléchargez ce fichier et placez le fichier (ou renommez le si c'est celui la qui existe) qu'il contient dans le repertoire temporaire ou vous avez extrait WMP11 (Si on vous demande si vous voulez remplacer le fichier déjà présent, dites oui) 4) Ensuite, lancez setup_et ça va rouler tout seul !

Breathe new life into your digital music experience.A cookie us a file deposited by your browser on your computer when you visit a website.De nombreux visiteurs m'ont demandé comment installer Windows Media Player 11 sans cette fichue vérification WGA de Microsoft...Windows Media Player 11 is a video and audio player that boasts a full library and plenty of extra features.Imported directly from Windows Vista, this version of Windows Media Player, especially for machines running XP, looks (and acts) almost identical to the previous version, although you can add a personal touch by downloading themes, add-ons and visualizations to mold it to your taste.

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