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The show revealed this secret toward the end: if the bachelor successfully selected a gay man as his match, he’d win money and a trip to New Zealand. But, oh no, ever the professional, the Duchess pulled off winning looks down the very end. And then, at that moment, you have to get dressed up and wear something fancy and be photographed by hundreds of people.If he selected a straight man, he’d get nothing—and the straight guy would leave with a cash prize instead. If Bass’s series is successful, hopefully Logo will pull a -style move and offer a complementary show centering on a lesbian bachelorette—or a bisexual dating show in which all of the contestants are bi, or a dating show whose central bachelor or bachelorette is trans. Kate manages to pull that off without breaking so much as a (metaphorical, as well as literal, probably) sweat, in this patterned, red Alexander Mc Queen dress. Harrison is the greatest man on television and deserves to EGOT; sue me) though I do think that it upholds outdated and problematic patriarchal ideals under the veil of entertainment — like, for example, on certainly wasn’t the first dating show to exist, the enduring success of the show’s overall premise has ensured that there are a ton of shows put there that build on the “attractive people finding love” formula, with a series of increasingly bizarre means of finding said love.We did a post on weird vintage dating shows back in April, but there are a ton of other totally bonkers dating shows around, many of which you can actually still watch today.“Un REAL,” the series determined to wring the romance out of reality dating shows, may spoil the hedonistic pleasure one gets from watching “The Bachelorette.” It’s worth the risk.Expectations were low when the show premiered last summer, in large part because it had landed on Lifetime, whose edgiest effort to date was selling Jennifer Love Hewitt as a happy hooker in “The Client List.” But the creators have a wonderfully wicked agenda.To answer questions regarding what happens behind-the-scenes on reality dating series like “Bachelor in Paradise,” interviewed a top reality TV producer, who specializes in the dating show genre.

To be clear, this is not the first time gay people have been featured as part of a dating show’s template—or even the first time they have been the subject of a reality dating show.

Yes, I’m a bit of a manipulator, she says to someone she’s trying to manipulate, “but I’m the only one doing it for the right reasons.” Even more soulless is her mentor, Quinn (Constance Zimmer), who keeps breaking promises to give her protégée more control, if only because it would mean fewer opportunities to bark out euphemisms for private parts from the control room and practically drool in anticipation of how viewers will react to contestants’ sob stories.

In Season 2, which premieres Monday, the two are busy patting each other on the back for casting reality TV’s first black bachelor, a milestone that has more to do with ratings than a social statement.

audiences, just greenlit TV’s first reality show about gay dating.

In the summer of 2003, Bravo premiered straight men who were pretending to be gay. You might think that, by the end of a very busy week-long tour, Kate would be exhausted, unenthused about getting dressed up for the cameras. to India—you’re probably jet-lagged, disoriented, otherwise exhausted.

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