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The building stood from the 12th century to the mid-15th century, when it fell to the army of Ryukyu after the castle's lord, Amawari, plotted against the king.

Among the haul were 4 copper coins dating back to the Roman Empire in around 300 to 400 AD.

It is important to emphasise that each Roman coin shares equal archaeological value, irrespective of its metal or condition.

Therefore, all Roman coins from a particular site, field, studied and recorded.

On one side, they bear the likeness of Roman emperor Constantine the Great, who died in 372; on the other, a spear-bearing soldier.

Another coin discovered on the site was Ottoman, dating back to 1687. It was almost definitely trade, but since there is no direct link between Japan and Rome, the coins had to come via China or Southeast Asia.

) It is a completely virtual museum, with scans from many different sources. We enjoy scientific discussion, please approach us with comments, and questions on coins and artefacts.

It thus took a lot of enthusiasm, but little budget to set up this museum.

His dignified look befits his position as emperor, but just so there can be no confusion about his position he is shown wearing a laurel wreath in his hair.To many collectors new to Roman coins, this is just a denarius of Trajan (AD 97-117) with an image of a Roman soldier on the reverse.They might purchase it for their growing portrait set, with little thought beyond it filling their need for a portrait of Trajan.You will also be able to view the latest coins of that ruler recorded on the database.If you wish to look at groups of rulers, you can search on Dynasties.

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