Dating a blue collar guy

The last few years have been all about surviving; I haven’t had time to consider my own personal life.

Because of this, I find myself losing hope that the various socioeconomic classes will ever really know each other when it comes to romantic intimate relationships.

"Raymond was definitely in a class by himself in every way," said Odette Duggan, 48, a Department of Education manager, whose husband, Raymond, is a maintenance worker. "When I said he should consider buying a tux, he was like, 'Okay, let's go get a tux.' He was moldable." Given that women's education levels and career achievements have surpassed those of men in some key areas, it's not surprising that they are finding fewer available mates among their social peers.

They have been married almost 30 years- and for as long as I can remember, my father has loved and devoted himself to my mother and his daughters (myself included).

Like many women I had a mold of what my dream guy would be like.

You know, handsome, God-fearing, college-educated, successful career, and earning twice as much as I do.

It doesnt really matter to me what a man does for a living as long as its legal and he takes pride in doing it...

I think it is very possible for you to date a woman with an education.

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