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Jako puno znaci kada se dopisujete izvesno vreme sa nekom osobom, na primer devojkom koja vam se svidja, zaista puno saznate o njoj, njena interesovanja, hobije, karakter i ostale bitne osobine.

Ali pak, postoji i ona druga strana chata (dopisivanja), a to je ona poslovna strana.

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Mi smo sigurni da nudimo najkvalitetniji portal za druženje i upoznavanje novog društva.

I have been hesitant to tell the full story of the latest events as long as KP had custody of my property, but yesterday, I picked up my stuff at the Norwegian embassy in Priština.

Sparks will fly, and the guy will sum up the courage to ask the girl out for coffee. I blurted out “I think I love you.” and looked at him sheepishly. Soon, the crushing misery of not being with him became too much to bear, and she had to withdraw from her classes due to depression. We are seeking Serbian people like you to join our chat to make our chat room filled with people from everywhere. Serbian Chat Room is the place where Serbian chatters come to chat with anyone from anywhere around the world.The official language is Serbian and the currency is the Serbian Dinar.Serbia sits at the crossroads between central, southern and eastern Europe and although landlocked it has 2000km of rivers including the mighty Danube.

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